Hello! I am John, my wife Molly and I raise pigs and chickens right here in Central Illinois. Our story of farming began for both of us at birth. I was raised on a cattle ranch in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and Molly was raised on a corn and soybean farm in Mclean County Illinois. I loved growing up on the ranch because I crave the land.  I long for its sweet spring smells, eagerly look forward to its summer burst of activity, revel in its harvest and feel at rest in its quiet winters.

Our farm provides our family an opportunity to be close to the land and an environment in which we can learn how to integrate the work of our hands in the work of God. Farming builds character and community while allowing us to witness firsthand that death never has the last word because life is abundant.

There is something raw and primal in the fact that in our farming we submit ourselves to something greater than ourselves and that is a very formative experience. This is an experience I want to share with my wife and son.





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