Pick up pasture raised products near you!

Whistling Hen Farms Buying Clubs

Would you like to pick up pastured products close to home? Buying clubs are a convenient way to purchase the products you love and have them delivered in three easy steps.
  1. Fill your cart.
  2. Select a pick up location at checkout.
  3. Meet us at the site and pick up your order.
No minimum orders, and no membership fees. We deliver to drop sites every 4-6 weeks.

Don’t see a drop site close to you?

We would love to set one up for you! Here’s how it works:

  • We need an “ambassador” who is willing to round up some friends and family to place an order on our site.
  • Then the ambassador allows us to use his or her driveway for the drop. You don’t have to worry about collecting payments or sorting orders, we handle all that.
  • For your help, the ambassador receives 10-50% off his or her orders through that drop site.